Small spacing are related to the led display price with quality

by:GKGD     2020-07-03

the advantage of the is that on the one hand greatly save the energy, at the same time will not reduce the use of the products quality. On the other hand is more good, the quality of this display high durability and more. Different small spacing price is also different, we all know that this kind of display for the led spacing, so often for a variety of models. Even called small spacing LED display, its price is also different, with the following simple about the price of this screen after all what factors are related.

1, specification size

small spacing have 1 . 25/1. 47/1. 56/1. 667/1. 875/1. 923 a variety of specifications, the prices are different specifications of the screen may be different, this is also a better understanding.

2, manufacturer

because of production technology for different manufacturers, because the market positioning of the problems, finally presented the small spacing price is also different. And the price is different between manufacturer and manufacturer, mainly with its marketing and sales agent has strong relationship.

3, size and resolution

size different display the final cost will also present differences, is the most important is the display resolution also have great relationship with the price of the product. Clarity demand is higher, the material of the above requirements will be, and usually at the cost of the above will show obvious differences.

so small spacing price and its specification size, manufacturer and size and resolution, is a direct relationship. Usually simple, quality often determines the market price of the product positioning, and of course sometimes manufacturers marketing can cause the price of the above suspension.

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