Small spacing LED display knowledge summary

by:GKGD     2020-04-30
Preface: with the continuous development of LED technology promotion, indoor LED display, especially the small distance between products with its seamless splicing, low light and high ash, high refresh rate, high resolution, low power consumption, long life and so on many comply with the demand of the market and the characteristics of energy conservation and economic development advantages, has been widely used in: power production scheduling control center, military command and control center, the city emergency command center management, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television shows and monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, communication information display system, financial securities information display system, government enterprises multimedia video conference system, mine safety production monitoring system, the city environmental monitoring command system, fire protection, meteorology, maritime flood control and command system, airport, subway flight display, broad areas such as security monitoring system. What, then, is a small distance between the full color LED display screen? What is the definition of it? GKGD photoelectric answer for you. We all know that the led is composed of led lamp bead, the distance between the center of the two led lights bead is called point spacing. Display industry generally adopted according to the size of the distance to define the method of product specifications, for instance, we used the P12, P10, P8 ( Some distance of 12 mm respectively, 10 mm and 8 mm) Etc. , as the process of point spacing smaller and smaller. According to industry consensus, point spacing of less than 3 mm screen for small spacing. In the current display of mass production, the minimum point spacing for P1. 6, that is, the distance between the center of the two lights, only 1. 6mm。 Understand what is the small distance between the LED screen, and then to GKGD photoelectric to introduce the advantage of small spacing of the LED display: 1, seamless splicing splicing display technology in the maximum to meet customer needs is always can't avoid the influence of the physical frame, even if the narrow side DID professional LCD screen, there are still very obvious spelling juncture, only after mosaics of LED display to make the seam to fulfill the requirements of seamless, high density LED seamless splicing small spacing to highlight. 2, intelligent adjustable high brightness led its high brightness, in order to meet to the viewer in light and dark environment comfortable viewing effect, avoid visual fatigue, can cooperate with the light sensor system which can adjust the brightness. 3, high gray level better color performance even under low light display gray almost perfect, its display images of administrative levels feeling and brilliance is higher than the traditional display, can show the image detail more, without information loss. 4, high contrast, faster response speed high refresh rate of the electron beam on the number of repeat scanning image on the screen, the higher the number of scanning, the refresh rate is higher, shown in the image ( The picture) The stability is better. Refresh rate is lower, the more powerful images flashing and jitter is, the faster the eye fatigue. LED screen under high refresh, small spacing intake picture is stable, no corrugated black screen, the image edge is clear, accurate reduction image real information. 5, color reduction nature USES the international leading point correction technology, using the led principle, keep full color authenticity, avoid the material of other display technologies, such as backlit projection, the colour of light path lead to the loss and deviation, realize in the true sense of color. 6, when the customer to choose three-dimensional visual experience using 3 d playback mode, the splicing wall will shock high-definition images, whether on live TV, exhibition display, or digital advertising, all can incisively and vividly deduce wonderful visual, allows the audience to enjoy the special visual experience. LED small spacing signal transmission compatibility is important: full color LED display screen indoor signal access with diversified small spacing, number, location, dispersion, signal with screen, centralized management, and other requirements, the actual operation, the display to efficient application of signal transmission equipment must not be contempt. In the display market, not all of the screen is small spacing can meet above requirement. When the choose and buy products, avoid by all means is one-sided focus on the resolution of the product, to give full consideration to the existing signal equipment whether to support the corresponding video signal and after-sales service. If you have to buy full color LED display screen needs of customers, small spacing can be directly click on the right of the screen 'online consulting, communication with our account manager directly, also can call directly, we will timely quote for you, give you the best service.
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