Small spacing led display project site installation requirements

by:GKGD     2020-07-04

small spacing led display engineering installation process for the external environment, and has certain requirements on the construction site, only to start construction after ensure the above two points, let's look at the small spacing led display installation requirements have?

1, the environmental requirements

in the process of installation led display small spacing, must field leveling, while to ensure that the ground is flat and level, also want to ensure that the ground has certain stability and strength, because the screen is fixed by bolts on the ground, so near must not have dangerous objects falling, ensure the safety of the construction environment.

2, temperature and humidity and cleanliness

small spacing led display project in the process of installation, general requirements for the environment temperature in 17 ~ 27 degrees for best, environment relative humidity under 80%, start construction in the process of the screen using the environment temperature should be controlled within the scope of the relevant, to ensure the service life of the screen, in the process of installation of small spacing display, there can be no dust in the air, especially in the north have a sandstorm weather construction should be avoided.

3, heat dissipation requirements

small spacing led display during the installation process, because it has the cooling and ventilation outlet, so the air conditioning can't direct display, lest cause damage of condensed water equipment, the first thing to satisfy the screen above the exhaust system, and to reserve the cold air convection channel.

in addition in the small distance between led display engineering installation construction site should also pay attention to light, fire escape, power requirements, to meet the above requirements to ensure the safety of construction site construction. Display installation more than two meters can't appear in the source, at the same time also need to ensure that fire sprinkler systems, but to a certain distance.

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