Small spacing led screen to have what advantage, enterprises should understand

by:GKGD     2020-06-30

in recent years the market for full color LED display demand is relatively strong, small spacing of the LED screen appears exacerbated the situation. Many conference room will adopt such electronic devices that it can improve the quality of their meeting. Some enterprises in selecting small spacing led screen because they don't understand the characteristics of the products, also do not know, therefore will specially consulting small spacing led screen to have what advantage, it is enterprises should understand the things.

1, led screen what's the advantage of small spacing

here tell you led it what's the advantage of small spacing, the first is to be able to let whole consistent color and brightness, make every point can even proofreading. It avoids the traditional full color LED display when joining together to some dark spots, patch. It can make the meeting display to show prominent key icon, and so on. The second is to be able to support the breadth view, it is able to achieve level 170 degrees, 160 degrees straight Angle range, can satisfy the requirements of the conference. The third is the cooling performance is good, it is given when the design meeting the requirement of environment, no fan, no noise conference to create a suitable environment. Compared to other display its advantages of in this respect.

2 how the service life of the led screen, small spacing

in the understanding of the led screen, small spacing, someone will worry about the service life of it. Here to tell you it's service life is more than a dozen times before, can achieve 100000 hours of long life. During the period of use without the lamp according to the replacement of equipment, saving operation, it is one of the best thing for the enterprise.

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