South Korea's sprint LED power use technology and standard strategy

by:GKGD     2020-05-06
In order to save energy and reduce the greenhouse effect, the current all countries in the world of LED lamps and lanterns industry as a new generation of green growth industry, the key to develop. Under such a big international trend, South Korea is also to become the world's top three in 2012 LED industry power. To achieve this goal, South Korea has been designated as the next generation of LED industry a new development of power industry, and is pushing for a variety of corresponding policies. To perform environmental protection LEDLED (with all colors 发光二极管) , also called light-emitting diodes (leds), as to the compound semiconductor joint after injection current, let it shine. LED with general tungsten filament lamp or fluorescent lamp differs completely, is light to electrical current to light semiconductor. So not only is the infrared and ultraviolet ray, according to different semiconductor materials can make all the colors of visible light from red to purple. In addition, compared with the existing light source, LED has low consuming power, long life, don't use many environmental advantages, such as the mercury. As long as through technology development and mass production to reduce the price of the LED light source, and make it have market adaptability can look forward to the rapid growth of LED industry. In fact in the field of LED in the rapidly expanding its applicable at the same time, relevant market also is in rapid growth. In almost all industries for the rear LED industry as a LED lighting tools need to have household appliances, automotive, construction, medical equipment, display screen, environment and so on, almost all the rear of the industry. The largest of which is the general illumination market. If the LED light source of household and office lighting can completely replace the traditional lighting, is expected to form huge parts material market than store semiconductor market. This is a cutting-edge green industry and can shoulder the south Korean new momentum in the future. In prior to entering what might be called leds - final destination General lighting field, large display screen LCD BLU and automotive LED market is booming. Leds - new applicable field South Korea's dominant LCD LCD market and car market ( Liquid crystal display) And car - This LED new application fields are active development. LCD and cars are South Korea area of many advantages. Along with the rapid expansion of the two market, if you can give appropriate policy support and continued efforts to technology development, will be able to get good grades, first to occupy the international market. Around the world to LED technology development is becoming more and more competitive. Countries of the patent disputes can be referred to as the patent wars; To make the LED specification and international standardization movement and so on, all show the degree of competition between countries. Core technology development since needless to say, support also in the field of standardization to accelerate the south Korean government in order to train to become green growth industries LED lighting industry, increasing the core technology development areas, standardization, and many other areas of support. Han Guoguang technology, for example, is responsible for promoting technical standard court released by the development and popularity of the 'green standard', in March 2009, internal hidden converter LED and explicit converter, LED three classes for the first time made the Korean industry specifications (such as KS) ; In June 2009, on the lamp and alternative street lamp LED lamps and lanterns of 6 kinds of made the KS. In addition, is planned to be completed in 2010, throw light on aircraft, ship, instrument such as the standardization of eight kinds of special lighting work. Starting in 2011, will be dedicated to the promotion and development of LED in the formulation of the standardized application in various fields. Including South Korea has been in a leading position at the forefront of the field: automotive, communications electronics industry, also plans to extend application scope to environment, aquaculture, visible light communication, medical industry and other special industries. In addition, although so far still classify using LED lighting and communication tools, but believe that LED lighting and communication in the near future will close 2 for one, the formation of new services, as long as there is a LED lighting places can form unrestricted communication environment. This will certainly become a core technology in the Internet age, therefore, the LED industry a bright future, so to speak.
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