Spacing, pixel point is to choose the outdoor LED large screen key data

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
We in the choice of LED outdoor large screen to what data to measure to judge the product quality? Choose the LED outdoor large screen 'point spacing, pixel' is the key data! Below, we'll introduce the two data. What place first stadia, LED display screen, screen, usually when people standing in the far distance, just when choosing LED display an important factor to determine the point spacing. Generally there is a formula * * * better visual range = point spacing/( 0. 3 to 0. 8) , this is a general range. For example, the point spacing display (16 mm P16LED display) , visual range is 16 ~ 54 m, station distance is smaller than * * * distance is near, will be able to discern the display of each pixel of the particles are stronger, stand farther away, the characteristics of human eyes do not know the difference between details. ( We aimed at normal sight, not including nearsightedness and farsightedness) 。 This is actually a about Numbers. For outdoor LED display, closer, generally using P10 or P12, farther with P16 or P20; For indoor display, P2. Farther 5 ~ P5 are available, the use of P6 and P7. 62 or P10. The second, LED display pixel points. For video, basic is VCD format, resolution of 352 * 288, 768 * 576 the DVD format. So for the video screen, we suggest that the low resolution not less than 352 * 288 * * *, then can show the effect of the good enough. If again low, you can show, but could not reach a better effect. And to give priority to in order to display text and images of single and double color LED display, the requirement of the resolution is not high, according to the actual size, * * * 9 small display font problem, can according to your literal. So, generally choose the LED display, point spacing as small as possible, the resolution will be more high, show clear. But also to consider the cost and demand, the application range and other factors.
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