Spherical LED display price and parameters

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
As a kind of new media tools - - - - - - - Spherical led display, now the technology is already very mature. Can completely replace the traditional advertising media tools, and have them incomparable display effect and visual perception. Spherical LED display is arises at the historic moment under this condition. Spherical led display screen is an important milestone in the development of led display, its design and construction difficulty is very high. First of all, the LED ball display his surface is curved installation difficulties; Secondly he is a closed LED ball maintenance difficulties; The diameter of the ball in 3 different, display effect is difficult to control, etc. Day and night tireless work assiduously, after several months of efforts finally developed, and achieved national patent certificate. Spherical LED screen can be made into any common LED display models on the market, from P4 indoor to outdoor P37. 5, such as starting a meter in diameter, can according to the market, the customer's requirements. A painted, spherical LED display characteristics of spherical LED display can be used in outdoor and indoor, the transmission of light, display pixel distance is bigger, have certain adornment effect of display situations, it is in common between conventional display and lighting lighting a LED display application products; U display unit through special processing, can be assembled into inner arc display surface shape, the outer arc display surface shape, the circular screen surface shape, S display surface shape, spherical shape, and other special-shaped screen, have normal regular display can't achieve the display effect of; Taken to ensure that outdoor reality engineering pixel brightness, enough pixels in the silicone potting do waterproof processing, the color of the silica gel can be in accordance with the requirements of engineering control color match, make the perfect coordination and building exterior wall colour; U to pixels for high and low temperature shall be perfect silicone wire, with professional waterproof connector, professional design meticulously fully sealed protection level is IP67 waterproof structure can adapt to a variety of temperature and humidity of inside and outside environment, work environment range can be up to - 20 and + 80 degrees Celsius, can work in the rain; Taken the spherical LED display USES the bar display unit, strong visual impact, high safety factor; To end the visual Angle of 360 degrees of spherical LED display, full play video, no plane at the point of view of the LED display problems; U series or parallel multiple pixels can realize full color display, and can play video, the ball can be synchronous or asynchronous control LED display full-color video, taken the spherical LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, support for multiple access external signal, which can realize the live. Taken the LED ball diameter according to customer request design, production, spherical completely done by CNC, precision module size, ensure the LED ball the consistency of the whole circle of curvature, u 10 mmled ball diameter of 1 m, weight is only 75 KGS, designed for mobile stage design, is a highlight of leasing industry. Taken the spherical LED display no installation, can use their arrival, free installation. Taken the spherical LED display with light weight, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation performance, convenient maintenance, good waterproof performance, before and after seismic performance is good, auxiliary installation framework the advantages of low cost, no fan mute. U can like rental LED display, the aluminum structure design, light weight, stable structure, LED ball installation according to customer requirements, design for mobile, hoisting, buildings; U and the site environment, according to customer requirements and tailored to the most appropriate spherical LED display solutions. Two, three spherical LED display solutions, are widely used in the spherical LED display application places, planetarium, science and technology museum, children's Palace Museum, the exhibition hall, gymnasium, lounge, star hotel, large open Spaces, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places; Four, spherical LED display price spherical LED display price associated with you do point spacing and diameter size. Calculate price is generally calculate how much money a lamp for you, because is spherical screen module is flexible, so usually too expensive. I know there is a zero. 8 and 1 m diameter. 2 m in diameter, the more expensive.
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