Sports venues the classification and application of LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-19
The emergence of LED display not only changed the world, also changed the made one after another brilliant brand, in the present society, no matter where, can always looked up to see full color LED display which have unique charm. In the world of light, LED display application more and more widely, more and more popularity. The following share sports events LED display applications. Main stadium LED display is divided into three categories: live sporting events LED screen is generally divided into the scene LED screen and timing score two parts, computer network control system used in data processing, control of large screen display content, because the market needs in recent years, the LED a fence around the football stadium screen has been widely used, mainly used for commercial advertising. 1 this kind of LED large screen, full color LED screen is mainly used to broadcast the stadium game highlights and slow motion close-up, LED display control system and the venue of each azimuth camera together, can live and see the switch pictures from different angles. 2, LED stadium fence giant LED display screen if every corner of the field is broadcast highlights, then football fields around the LED display screen is mainly used in commercial advertising and event information broadcast, full color LED display screen to get the stadium fence around the world famous brand, Nike, adidas, panasonic, nikon including China's brands are in the China yingli, let the world see the charm that bloom LED stadium fence panel. Score score 3, LED screen LED screen is commonly used in sports such as basketball, table tennis, volleyball competition venues. LED display connected with live games time scoring system, can play to show the score and latest information at any time; This kind of LED display also can play the game information and considerations for data or other information. In previous years, monochrome, double color more popular, with the development of society and needs, score full color LED screen is also popular in sports venues.
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