Talk about double colors LED electronic display technology performance

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
Talk about double colors LED electronic display technology performance, as a native of shenzhen LED display manufacturers, photoelectric, with you about the LED electronic display technology characteristic, hope to help you. Gray level 256 led display control system consists of: multimedia card, long drive, frame controller and display units. Multimedia card main function is to computer digital display content ( Itself also complete the VGA graphics functions) , as well as the external input video signal sampling, converted into digital signal output, used for display. Long drive card is multimedia card output digital signals into a RS422 interface, so that the long distance transport. In the main control computer and display far away from the situation, Within 350 m) Using such difference transmission mode can obtain reliable results. Transmission medium for five kinds of twisted-pair cable. Frame controller as the core of the display unit, the main features include: complete data reception, data processing, data storage, data distribution, grayscale realization, visual correction and adjustment, etc. Due to the complexity of the function of its implementation, control content is various, thus using the large-scale programmable devices, to a highly integrated circuits, frame controller assigned to send a division of grayscale output data signal, the signal is transmitted in parallel, thus faster transfer frequency. This control system is the most significant features are: highly centralized control logic, and highly integrated. Display the front of display module mainly includes only drive circuit, even color matching functions are completed by the host controller, so the display module circuit is extremely simple, greatly improve the reliability and maintainability of the screen.
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