Talk: full color LED electronic display driver scanning of several ways

by:GKGD     2020-05-06
According to statistics, in full color LED electronic display series products, the scanning method of 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, the static. Between different LED full-color display scanning methods how to distinguish? Is one of the most brief method appeared count LED electronic screen plate LED unit number and the number of 74 hc595 are needed, of course, also need to combined with the corresponding LED driver scanning features specific analysis. Calculation methods: LED divided by the number of 8 = a fraction of a divided by the number of 74 hc595 are needed scans the pixels appeared LED electronic display and virtual LED electronic screen is corresponding: a brief, pixel screen appeared namely refers to make screen of red, green, blue three kinds of luminous tube in each kind of luminous tube end to a pixel imaging using only, in order to obtain the brightness of the meet. Virtual pixels is using software algorithm control each color light-emitting tube end for imaging prone to multiple adjacent pixels, and then make complete the larger resolution, with fewer tubes can make appeared four times the resolution progress. In a temporary full-color LED electronic display series products have 16, 8, 4 sweep, etc. , and there also exist differences below: a scanning method when working, LED electronic display screen is not the same; Appeared two, LED electronic screen to the brightness of the light is not the same, 16 s less than 8 s less than 4 s) ; 3, quotation is not the same, may be understood as using the number of driver IC chip is different, The same type 16 s less than 8 s less than 4 s) Currently on the market of LED electronic display screen can be roughly divided into static scan and dynamic scan two ways! Static scan is divided into static compaction pixels and static virtual! Dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic realities and dynamic virtual, separation, there are 2, 4, 8, 16. For columns illustrate: a wild PH16 commonly used full-color module is 16 * 8 pixels ( 2 r1g1b) , if use MBI5026 drive, module USES a total: 16 * 8 * ( 2 + 1 + 1) = 512 lamp, MBI5026 for 16 chip, if 512/16 = 1, 32 with 32 MBI5026 chip, is static virtual 2, if use 16 MBI5026 chip, 1/2 sweep virtual 3 is dynamic, if use eight MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic 1/4 sweep if virtual full-color LED electronic display unit board two red lights series 4, with 24 MBI5026 chip, real 5 pixels is static, with 12 MBI5026 chip, 1/2 sweep real pixel 6 is dynamic, with six MBI5026 chips, is a dynamic sweep a quarter real pixel 【 LED electronic display screen.
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