Teach you how to make fashion and beautiful spherical LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-05
The emergence of LED electronic display not only brought great convenience to our life, but also add colour to the city. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the design of LED display also more art, American influence. Appeared 'waves', 'ball' and other various shapes of LED display. Spherical LED display is a new developed in recent years, a fashion, beautiful, flexibility, strong LED display products, with the ordinary in the process of production of LED display, process is different. Spherical screen spherical LED display, in making classified two types: the first is the whole spherical LED display. Generally such a relatively small ball, about 2 meters in diameter, can watch in close quarters as a whole; The second is half spherical LED display. This ball compared commonly big, need to watch in the distance. Spherical LED display production way, roughly the following several kinds: 1, for larger diameter of the spherical LED display, outdoor single pixel tube can be used to do. Way to cut the ball will be in accordance with the latitude, put a line every latitude LED pixels. 2, for small diameter indoor spherical LED display, you can use a table triad LED lights, using the flexible PCB production point controlled light band, then the lights with, like the first form, according to the latitude around the ball. 3, for indoor screen, can also according to the pixel pitch, design special LED unit board. Different unit plate can design triangle stitching, can also be designed as 6 boundary shape for Mosaic ( Like football, by multiple 6 side Mosaic) , indoor spherical LED screen models are: P4, P5, P6, P10 and so on the many kinds of models to choose from.
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