The 13 of the advantages of LED large screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-26
With the popularity of advertisements and competition, the application of LED large screen more and more widely, and gradually become the mainstream of today's society development, is the development trend of the advertising industry in the 21st century. LED large screen is not only novel and unique appearance, but also can adjust the size, and can broadcast video advertising program and fixed light box advertising, is family the advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, belong to the international leading high-tech products. Now local governments are encouraged to use push for outdoor LED electronic display screen, gradually cancel the canvas ads, light box advertising for examination and approval. Remote control remote control technology, using advanced network technology can make the dynamic sign realizing remote update broadcast content, broadcast list and realizing unattended remote changes, automatic switch machine, and other functions. Advertising content rich LED screen display, can play the content of the rich and changeful, can play text, images, and animation, can be used for outdoor advertising platform of enterprise product marketing, change the marketing message content completely doesn't increase additional cost, compared with more flexible marketing neon light tower, the advertisers in the selection of outdoor advertising resources and the contents of advertisements on the performance of more space. Beyond the traditional super media compared with traditional media, hypermedia in movement, color, play mode, visual range, and so on various aspects are better advertising effect. High advertising reach LED large screen for primary audience for the characteristics of the floating population quickly, optimize the combination of outdoor advertising, television advertising, named advertising and other advertising media advantage, so as to achieve rapid flow lock audience, ensure that the purpose of advertising arrival rate. Diverse playback modes hypermedia with dynamic and static and activity in combination with a variety of play mode, can according to different requirements, optimize the combination, to achieve the best effect. High brightness of full-color LED large screen is the only high definition, color saturation of the super media. Large display area of LED large screen in a few square meters to hundreds of square meters area, appears a few times larger than the traditional electronic advertising media even more than ten times, and Angle is big. Outdoor full color full color LED display screen is widely used in public places, the advertising, the urban road network, urban parking lot, railway, subway and other traffic guidance system, highway, etc. The VGA synchronization technology, domestic content synchronization with the CRT, replace the contents of advertisements concise convenient; Large screen, high brightness, long life, super vision. Rich color, variety show way ( Graphics, text, three-dimensional, two-dimensional animation, television, etc. ) Novel and unique appearance, can enhance the level of city science and technology, rich cultural life, urban residents residents are more likely to receive. Liquid, mandatory, pertinence, effectiveness, etc. Show advantages. Homemade program, streaming, rich in content. Outdoor LED electronic display screen is an ideal substitute products canvas ads, light box advertising, bring you a huge rich economic benefits and social benefits.
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