The advantage of LED large screen all show no doubt

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
LED large screen industry start, basically did not adjust the development experience, directly into the fierce competition, everybody is busy for the field, and expand the scale, there is almost no spend much energy on the products in the research and development, also did not consider the protection of intellectual property rights, some new technology did not apply for patent. As the industry to mature slowly, specification, by the way to apply for a patent to protect their intellectual property, intangible assets, and is also the development direction of LED display industry inevitably. In the modern information society, as a man-machine information display of visual media products and technology obtained the rapid development, the 21st century era of display technology will be a flat display. As one of the main products of the flat display, LED display will no doubt have a bigger development space, and is likely to become a 21st century flat-panel display the representative of the mainstream products. LED large screen close to the pulse of The Times, comply with the customer actual need, the control of product development direction, put more advantages of new products, and truly let the LED display practical and useful. With the progress of social science and technology and the improvement of people to watch, traditional forms of a single stage effect can no longer meet the needs of the audience; And colorful picture of polyhedral LED large screen because of its many advantages fully catered to people to the requirement of current stage. From the global LED patent status quo, in terms of technology, LED has high technical bottlenecks, but the characteristics of low entry barriers. Initial investment is not large, capital threshold is not high, in order to keep technical competence, technology spillover risk reduction, the patent is the best way to protect. The patent barrier, is a major means of beat into the business to avoid competition, therefore patents become the LED industry development the important topic, could not avoid in the process of but just now the industry is not how much. LED large screen is the perfect combination of science and technology and the media, it can put the dream, streaming technology, trend, the concept of fashion, as long as to can certainly become a new force new dance beautiful indoor large screen, outdoor advertising forms appear constantly, from the traditional LED billboard, words to the monochrome screen, and then to today's full color LED display.
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