The advantages of LED rental display

by:GKGD     2020-04-21
Lease its widely used in the stage, singing and dancing party, all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theatres, hall, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, deducting hall, ted, nightclub, high-grade entertainment discos, compared with the traditional fixed screen, LED rental screen has the following advantages: 1. Lightweight, ultra-thin the traditional LED display cabinet is mainly (SPCC) ( Cold rolled carbon steel) , commonly known as the 'iron box', through bending, welding, spraying process, such as sheet to make the shape of the box body. Cost is low, but the downside is: the box is too heavy, screen after the weight of per square reach more than 45 kg, very heavy. Stage performing arts industry LED rental screen box are basically used aluminum box, aluminum box weight in 20 - About 30 kg/m2, it has light weight, good heat conductivity characteristics such as 2. Zero error is small, flat-fell seam is full color LED display case due to the traditional sheet metal processing, iron or aluminum plate by bending forming and welding production process, due to such a great error in the machining process itself, changeful form, after add processing error in millimeter, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of display of zero flat-fell seam. LED rental screen aluminum casing because of adopting the mode of the combination of machining production process, the error can be controlled within one over ten of a millimeter, can fully meet the requirement of zero flat-fell seam. 3. Installation fast because of aluminum box structure, lighter weight, higher precision, convenient disassembly, technicians can be single box of joining together in a few minutes, greatly shorten installation disassembly time, save manpower costs. 4. Long service life of the main components affecting the service life of full color LED display for light emitting diode ( Light) , high temperature and light emitting diode do big killer, aluminum type box body good heat conductivity make it using the environment temperature is stable, can greatly prolong the life of display screen. Support line arbitrary direction, meet different housing arrangement, put, to create the effect of different images; Lightweight, ultra-thin, fast installation design, so that you can in a short period of time to complete the installation of the screen and remove the work; Equipped with a professional video processor, AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI signal; Support level 256 brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustment, make different batches of the display screen can be used mixed with; Signal processing: RTF series product USES the signal folded technology, does not need to cascade unit module, greatly enhance the product display performance. Using the signal can be folded in half, unit module, does not need to cascade, greatly improved the product display performance; Mask: the patent technology of the mask, mask at the back of the card buckle fastening assembly method, can be convenient maintenance before LED lights, mask positive can't see the fastening screws, integral sex is good, the screen surface screen lights up without screw light-leaking cause bright spot; Module: using big modules, each box only 4 pieces of module, reduce internal wires, improve product stability. Does not need to open the box, box from the back of the disassembling display module directly. Don't need to open the box body; Back cover: 4 screws to remove, remove the back cover, can maintain and replace the power supply and receiving card; Cooling plate: the aluminum base plate to replace the traditional plastic pan, in ensuring the smoothness of at the same time, improve the performance of products; IC and drive: high refresh rate and high gray level high refresh rate and high gray level 16384 gray product USES a built-in PWM high constant current driver chip. In a single load cases receiving tapes, screen refresh rate lowest to 960 hz, up to 4800 hz. Grayscale of up to 16 bit, the picture smooth, it can easily meet stage, broadcasting and other high-end application requirements. DC power supply cord use American standard wire, power input using table socket, the power cord is not easy to loose, in the process of the power transmission line loss minimum, input voltage stability; Compatible: a new structure design, meet the requirement of hoisting, overlapping, and satisfies the requirement of indoor and outdoor. Single box body, a variety of distance compatible, indoor outdoor module compatibility; High: high gray level high refresh rate design, grey level 14 bit, refresh rate & gt; 960Hz; Low: excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, don't need external fan, air conditioning, etc. , low noise; Body weight is light, the installation cost is low; Enclosure low power consumption, save operating cost; Waterproof effect is good, with IP65 protection grade, suitable for use in outdoor rental; Equipped with all kinds of air box, box is convenient for storage and transport, and the LED display has played a very good protection effect. LED rental display light weight and thin structure, hoisting and quick to install features, so as to meet the requirements of the leasing situation fast installation disassembly handling requirements; Easy loading and unloading, easy to operate, the whole screen handling by fast bolted and connection, can accurate and fast frame screen and screen, and you can spell different shapes to meet the site requirements; Process unique, unique welding process optimization of structural design, avoid frequent handling caused by electronic products at the scene of the solder joint failure caused by poor contact, etc
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