The application of large size LED display in the gym

by:GKGD     2020-04-16
full color LED display has become a modern stadium, a necessary facilities, at major sports events used in a lot of LED display is indispensable equipment. Stadium display system must be able to clear, timely and accurate display of sports information, through multimedia technology shows that the game live, foil and create an atmosphere of tension, heated competition. Also asked that the system has a simple, accurate and quick, easy to operation of man-machine interface, support a variety of sports project, conform to the requirements of the various rules of sports games, easy to maintain and upgrade. LED display is generally divided into lattice and the two parts of a computer network control system used in data processing, control of large screen display content, to provide real-time data network systems, and radio and television system; Special game evaluation system is the foundation of all kinds of sports to obtain basic score data facilities. From the perspective of its use can be divided into two categories, one is the full color full color LED display screen, used to play the game at the scene of the game ( Including other field) Highlights, or slow-motion replay live wonderful close-up, etc. , or in the three dimensional animation way performance events and a particular event. Another timing scoring screen, it is connected with timing scoring system of the game, play game results and related information, in the sense, timing is more important than the score screen, some field can not video screen, but also can't score is not used for timing of the screen. Timing score screen, the key is the real-time accurate and clear, and on the basis of the vivid and try to be more expressive, Such as animation, etc. ) 。 Scoring screen mainly displayed as text or graphics animation player performance, data, or other information. The color can make the monochrome, multicolor, or full color. It is important to note that the gym electronic display system is a collection of various points in the design, display, graphic, banners, video, audio and other multimedia playback and athletes, sports teams, background information management for the integration of information management center, in order to effectively achieve the above work, the computer network system as electronic display system hardware and software platform, electronic screen, judging and match with the timer as a network terminal articulated in a local area network, in order to take full advantage of the Internet information management platform to share, and simplicity of the control mode, facilitate the system expansion and maintenance. Plus stadium environment brightness is bright, stadia, Angle is bigger, so of the specifications of the LED display brightness, needs to be confirmed according to the site situation.
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