The brief analysis: application advantages about the LED screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
LED display is from tens to hundreds of thousands of semiconductor light-emitting diodes figure yuan points equally arranged. Use different material can make different color LED pixel figure. Destroy by lamp light to display characters. Used to display text, graphics, images, animation, quotation, video, video signal display weaving of various kinds of information. Not only can be used in indoor environment also can be used in outdoor environment, with a projector, TV wall, LCD display screen the incomparable advantages. LED is widely attention and got rapid development, with it itself has the advantages of the inseparable. These advantages in summary is: 1, high update ( In the frame) Frequency ( Not less than 300 hz) Greatly improve the stability of the image. 2, high gray scale ( Degree level) Makes the conventional RGB image data eight bits ( The class of 256) Extension is 14 yuan, respectively, and through the way of local control scanning, converts, 14 yuan data completely 214 = 16384 brightness level, so as to realize gray level 16384. 3, borrow by human eyes visual characteristics, according to the change of the ambient light during the day and night, high brightness and low brightness values change ( According to the color look-up table) 。 The combination of 4, reasonable structure, simple, to display the weight to a minimum. 5, reasonable working current, neither reduce brightness, and improve the working efficiency. 6, adopts data partition processing, each piece of synchronous parallel communication way, greatly improves the speed of the communication. 7, adopting photoelectric isolation technology, greatly improve the antistatic performance of the lightning protection. 8. Screen can be remote control system on the Internet. The application advantages of LED display has many, but with different solutions to make screen, will get the same effect, will now common indoor full-color display schemes are compared, and the merits of the simple for your reference in order to achieve the purpose of: 1, the lattice modules: the earliest design scheme, developed by indoor pseudo color dot matrix screen advantages: the cost of raw materials is the most advantage, and the production process is simple, stable quality. Disadvantages: poor color consistency, Mosaic phenomenon is relatively serious, display effect is poorer. 2, single lamp solution: to solve the problem of lattice screen color, a scheme of outdoor display technology for reference, at the same time will figure yuan for outdoor multiplexing technology ( Also called primitives Shared technology, virtual figure yuan) Onto the indoor display. Advantage: the color consistency better than dot matrix module way. Disadvantages: mixed color the effect not beautiful, Angle is not big, level direction about watching have off color. Process is relatively complex, high anti-static requirements. The actual figure yuan resolution to do more than 10000 points is more difficult. 3, SMT plan: using patch luminous tube to show the element. Advantage: color consistency, perspective and other important display index is one of the best in the existing schemes, especially the triad table of melange effect is very good. Weakness: the processing technology of trouble, the cost too is high. 4, the table plan: in fact is an improved single lamp scheme, now still in perfect. Advantage: the display color consistency, perspective and other leading indicator and labeling solutions difference is not big, but the cost is low, show the effect is very good, resolution in theory can be done more than 17200. Disadvantages: processing is more complex, high anti-static requirements. In a word, the LED display screen is widely attention and got rapid development, with it itself has the advantages of the inseparable. These advantages in summary is: high brightness, low work voltage, low consumption, miniaturization, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. LED display development prospect is very broad, is toward the higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, higher luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, full color direction.
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