The brief analysis: the characteristics of the LED display luminescence materials

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
1968 HP company will produce the red LED display light emitting light ( Wavelength of 660 nm) Appeared in succession, and can be used to display the yellow, green, Wavelength of 570 nm) , blue, Wavelength of 470 nm) And pure green, Wavelength of 525 nm) , but at present because of high brightness blue, pure green semiconductor chip manufacturing technology is mainly in Japan, such as the United States a few companies, price is quite expensive. Applied to the LED display LED luminescent material has the following several forms: (1) LED display light emitting light ( Or single lamp) Generally by a single chip LED display, reflective bowl, metal anode, metal cathode, outsourcing has pervious to light focusing ability of epoxy resin shell. Can use one or more ( Different color) Single light constitute a basic pixel, due to their high brightness, used for outdoor LED display. (2) LED display bitmap module consists of several chip light-emitting matrix, with epoxy encapsulated in a plastic case. Suitable for scanning drive, easy to constitute a high density of LED display, used for indoor LED display. (3) the patch type LED display light emitting light ( Or SMD LED) Is LED display light emitting light stick welding forms of packaging, can be used for indoor full color LED display, which can realize a single point of maintenance, effectively overcome the Mosaic phenomenon.
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