The classification of broken pernicious angered LED display screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-30
LED is short for light-emitting diode LightEmitingDiode in English, is a kind of new light source has developed rapidly and has broad prospects. LED display screen matrix part is composed of many of the light-emitting diodes. First to integrate the luminous tube pixel, pixels and integration module, module is put into the screen. LED display according to gezer, lattice density, the classification of the way to work, the work environment is divided into the following categories: first, the classification of the LED display 1, according to the display of primary partition (1) single color display. With a standard 8 by 8 monochromatic LED matrix module standard components, generally in red, can display various kinds of text, data, 2 d graphics. Indoor monochrome screen economic and practical, but the colours are a bit dull. (2) double colors LED display screen. As the name suggests, the LED display screen is double colors can display two kinds of color display at the same time, the commonly used double colors large LED display outdoor and indoor LED monochrome single display two broad categories. (3) three colors display ( Full color) 。 With a standard 8 by 8 double-base LED matrix module, each pixel has red, yellow, and green three colors. Each color has a 16 x16 grey level = 256 or 256 x256 grey level material 61000 colors, and more. In general, appropriate chooses single color or double color LED display text information, the graphics and image information, appropriate chooses double color or full color ( Three colors) Display screen. Full color LED display is the commercial, government units, hotels, enterprises of the most commonly used type of LED display, full-color LED display can display the scenario applies to most of the ultra-high resolution. 2, according to the lattice density according to the density of lattice points are mainly divided into normal density and high density display. Display associated with like cable diameter, the density of pixels in the smaller the diameter, the density of the screen should be higher, for the specific selection, the closer viewing distance, the density of the screen should be higher; Watch the farther matrix, the density of the display screen can be lower. Indoor LED display by using the LED single point diameter can be divided into 3, 3. 7, 5, 8, 10 mm screen. In 5 and 3. 7 mm is the most common, outdoor LED display according to the pixel can be divided into 19, 22 and 26 mm diameter. 3, according to the works according to the working way points are mainly divided into two categories, category according to the functional display, another kind said intelligent display. Both adopt international standard 8 x8led matrix module assembly and become, the screen body surface are exactly the same, the same basic display function. Intelligent display at ordinary times, do not need to connect the upper machine screen has a built-in CPU, can lose power save picture more, can independence from upper machine running. Through the RS - need to change the display content Connect 232 computer. All functional display you must connect a computer to work. But smart screen display mode is usually less, full functional displays the variety show ways. In addition, the intelligent screen operation simple, fully functional display need to have a operation, maintenance, if you want to animation program, still need professional knowledge. 4, according to use environment division LED display according to use environment can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. Indoor display: markers, smaller Φ commonly 3 ~ 8 Φ, display area is generally a few square meters to more than 10 square meters; Outdoor display screen, generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters of area, high brightness, can work under the sun, wind, rain, waterproof function. 2, 1, the application of LED display indoor double color LED display, outdoor double color LED display: double color display screen is widely used in finance, post and telecommunications, telecommunications, electricity, hospitals, military, public security, shopping malls, finance, taxation and other departments and places. 2, indoor and outdoor full-color full color LED display, full color, also known as the three primary colors, namely red, green, blue three primary colors of the smallest display unit. In line with the principle of computer display. Can truly reductive color red, green, blue, gray level 256, all 16. 7米( Millions) Kinds of color, can real-time display colorful dynamic images. Full color LED display screen is widely used in square, business center, roads and other places of dense outdoor. With high brightness, can be all-weather display, display content and way to modify the agile and convenient, powerful functions, low consumption, long life and other characteristics. Over the years, LED display, relying on its unique low price, low consumption, high brightness, long life and other advantages have been play an important role in the field of flat display, and quite a long period of time in the future still have considerable space for development. LED display with high brightness, can joining together to use, convenient and flexible, efficient, low consumption, etc, making it in a large area, especially in sports, advertising, finance, exhibition, is widely applied in the field of transportation. LED display from monochrome to wide span varieties with full-color, adapt to a wide range of application provides the basis for its, and because of its high brightness, high reliability, strong ability to resist the ambient light, made on a number of outdoor LED display has an irreplaceable position and special applications. The above is GKGD photoelectric summary of the classification of the LED display for all our customers. With the rapid development of LED display technology and updated iterations, full-color LED display capital cost will gradually decline. According to statistics, in 2019, the year, full-color LED display, Include indoor and outdoor) Sales is realized by more than 10% year-on-year growth. Believe in the future, full-color LED display will play a bigger role!
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