The classification of indoor led display what

by:GKGD     2020-07-05

nowadays, the application of full color LED display in life more and more widely, indoor full color LED display classification is very much, basically can be divided into the following categories.

a, according to the display of primary partition

according to the primary partition screen, indoor LED display can be divided into monochrome screen, double color display, full-color displays three forms.

1, the monochrome screen is red commonly, can display various characters, all kinds of data and 2 d graphics. Monochrome screen more economical and practical, the price is very low, the only downside is that the color, some drab.

2, double color display screen, as the name implies, is to have two kinds of display colors.

3, full-color display screen is also called the three primary colors display, it has red, yellow, green, three colors.

2, according to the lattice density dividing

according to the lattice density, divided into indoor LED display screen can be divided into the normal density and high density display.

three divided, according to the work mode

by the way of working, indoor LED display can be divided into full functional displays and intelligent display two kinds.

1, intelligent display generally don't need, and PC connection, the display inside the CPU, can save the picture more, can run independently, intelligent screen display mode is single.

2, fully functional display screen must connect a microcomputer, can run, can't run independently. Full function displays the display mode of diversification, and need to have professional people to operate, and need professional technology to maintenance, need professional knowledge to make animation program, intelligent display is easy to operate, simple.

all in all, indoor many classification, users in the selection, can choose according to their actual needs more suitable type.

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