The connection method of full color led display

by:GKGD     2020-07-01

LED display as text, images, video, video of a media communication tool that is widely used in advertising, stage rental, security monitoring, sports venues and other fields, and with the constant improvement of screen technology, display, LED display are loved by more and more customers. Below by photoelectric technology personnel to introduce the connection method of full-color led screen to

1, the DVI display card inserted in the motherboard of AGP slot, the card is installed driver;

2, put in an empty PCI data acquisition card slot;

3, the data acquisition card and display card with DVI cable connected together;

4, the line of control and serial interface ( Rs232) ( Optional) ;

5, with 1 the cables are connected to the receiving card;

6, LED display screen display driver card and set line board with 50 p flat line corresponding connection;

7, check the connection and correct Settings can be made or on electrical debugging.

the above is a photoelectric technical personnel to introduce the full-color of the wiring method, in the video card driver installation insert graphics card driver CD drive, can be automatically entered into state of the installation, please follow the instructions. LED display with big screen dedicated broadcast and set software LED studio, or LEDSHOW4. 0, can meet the requirements of most of the led large screen, play image text, VCD and so on. Is a new advertising media!

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