The difference between the full color LED display screen P4 and P5 model

by:GKGD     2020-04-28
P4P5 indoor full color what is the difference between what a full-color LED display high-definition effect is good? Most cheap effect can meet the needs of customers? First look at the P4 and P5 models of main technical parameters: the driving mode of pixels point spacing density maximum luminance average power consumption of the best stadia P41R1G1B4mm62500 point / ㎡ to 2400 or more CD / ㎡ 1/16 scan 580 w3 ~ 40 m P51R1G1B5mm4000 point / ㎡ to 3200 or more CD / ㎡ 1/8 scan 390 w5 ~ 60 m full color LED display effect depends on the technical parameters of various models, from the above-mentioned analysis P4 and P5 difference will be the most objective conclusion. 1, pixels. Because here is indoor technology, so each pixel are red, green and blue has a wick ( Outdoor screen sometimes need to increase red light brightness) 。 Point spacing is the basis of model distinguish, directly determines the pixel resolution of plain rice can hold. P4 model point spacing technical indentation 1 mm, pixels are increased by more than twenty thousand points. ( In the field of high definition LED electronic screen, point spacing for every indentation unit, is a technology breakthrough. ) 2, drive mode determines the brightness of the screen. At the same time because the P5 type single m pixels is less, so the brightness is higher than the P4 models. If it is half an outdoor or indoor window position must choose high brightness of the type. Many factors that affect the power consumption, the P4 big power consumption, mainly pixels and brightness is more than 2200 CD / ㎡ nature. 3, special summary: the P5 generation of LED display manufacturer in LED large screen to enter indoor hd display area, it may be said is a leader in the field of hd, but according to the standard of visual display, P5 hard 1 square meter display the ideal requirements. As said earlier, P4 single m resolution to twenty-five thousand points, the higher the technological breakthroughs achieved 1 square meters super clear show the effect of the pursuit, LED approach is another super clear cut area. This is after the P3, P2. 5 super clear display, etc.
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