The difference between the P5 and P6 indoor LED display screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
The difference between the indoor LED display (p5 and p6 is what? From the type, performance and price into consideration, what are the different, which effect is relatively better? The following comparison and have a look together. Behind the first P5 and P6, P value is spacing between two pixels or lamp ( The unit is mm) , so their spacing of 5 mm and 6 mm. At the same time you can know the points on the same area, P5, P6 less, such as 1 square meter area on the P5 pixel point is about 40000, but only 27778 on the P6, LED display point spacing is smaller, the higher the pixels, screen resolution, the better. But point spacing is smaller, the production difficulty will increase, like small spacing between products ( Less than 2. 5毫米) The price is more expensive than normal indoor screen. The greater the distance between points on the screen body suitable for the farther the distance, generally have a formula to calculate the best viewing distance = point spacing/( 0. 3 to 0. 8) , this is a probably range. Thus the P6 formula suitable for viewing distance of 7. 5 - 20 m, within the scope of this watch, the effect also is very good, is enough to meet daily actual display effect. Of course if the P5, effect is good. But it is worth noting: select the appropriate must consider viewing distance and LED display screen area, comprehensive factors such as price, bright color here it is recommended that you choose can meet daily according to actual application of science and technology of product line, because the right is the best. Ditto so on, we can know the difference between the other different model contrast, do not do too much to describe here. The above is the difference between the indoor LED display (p5 and p6, more about indoor and outdoor LED display price, model and other related issues, can communicate with our customer service.
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