The domestic LED full-color display technology to achieve the level of developed countries

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
Everyone know outdoor LED electronic display to withstand the wind, sun, rain, harsh environment, such as high and low temperature test. So is very important to the reliability of the outdoor LED display, sealing. Before the domestic LED display manufacturers use foreign components to produce the phenomenon is common, but in recent years, domestic device use is constantly increasing, even more than in the use of imported components, because the domestic device performance has greatly improved, so the LED electronic display manufacturers preferred domestic device. LED electronic display industry in China in recent years the development of present staff younger, industry growth speed, strong technical innovation ability and so on a series of characteristics, may be due to the employees of the technical innovation ability improved, making the domestic LED display technology is also in constant progress. Look from the current market situation, domestic chip and the device usage and use of the effect is very optimistic, especially in the field of indoor screen market share is increasing day by day. 'Suitable is the best', the pursuit of high-end is not conducive to the practical application of LED display is not realistic. From the perspective of system optimization, choose cost-effective solutions at the same time, on the one hand, can greatly reduce the cost of production of LED display products, on the other hand to promote the use of domestic chip and the device is also very good. From technical Angle and using effect, foreign products are relatively good, high-end projects very natural to use foreign products. But we should see that domestic chip and encapsulation technology progress is also very quickly, the LED display industry at the same time of scale development, product technology innovation, always keep a more advanced level. In the early 90 s which have mature gray level 16 256 color video control technology and the wireless remote control and other international advanced level of technology, in recent years, in full color LED display screen, a level 256 grayscale video control technology, wireless control cluster, multistage group control technology reached the international leading level, the LED display control special large scale integrated circuit has been developed by domestic enterprises production and application.
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