The emerging technologies in the field of LED display plays a role

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
Along with the progress of the can let some of the industry decline, also can let a melody back in some old industries, such as Shared economic and bicycle industry. At present, the domestic national level, or big enterprises and capital to the emerging science and technology are quite positive. In science and technology has gradually become the dominant factor of economy, the traditional industry the most fear is abandoned by the world, so the LED display industry? Is blessed, or gradually forgotten? In these hot emerging industry, led display there is nowhere to go. Big data, that is, a large scale to the acquisition, storage, management, analysis, well beyond the traditional scope of data collection, database software tools have vast amounts of data scale, fast data transfer, a variety of data types, and value of low density four big characteristics. Based on the above data, mass, the data can get a more scientific process of heavy and complicated, and in promoting the government public service ability and level is the model of big data applications. Is under the big data comprehensive command and dispatch center, energy monitoring platform, and a series of the birth of the comprehensive information processing system, promote the development of the application of indoor LED display screen market. Platform this type of monitoring, scheduling, information feedback link without the application of visual carrier, so indoor domestic demand is growing, and the small spacing of led display screen with bright colors, spelling a seam, reflective popular aspects of advantage. Can say that in recent years the rapid growth of the small spacing, the advancement of wisdom with the government office, up to now, this kind of indoor domestic engineering projects are still popular in the industry. As iPhoneX popular facial recognition technology, with fire in LED display industry IRLED screen at the same time, also not all useless for LED display. As is known to all, the video ads, outdoor advertising market is almost led display, face recognition under personalized advertising rise, will drive an increase in the number of video advertising, so, the led display screen advertising market will also look good. In addition, the face recognition function has also been gradually applied in intelligent traffic. In the face recognition technology at home and abroad at present, the warning system of pedestrians running red lights. Pedestrians through the facial recognition technology, captured through a red light, and set on the side of the road of the LED display screen, punishment, warning effect, helps to reduce the phenomenon of pedestrian violation of traffic rules. In fact, in recent years, the LED display screen has been with along with the development of new technology. Such as in the recent years on the stage of holographic technology, to achieve better effect, often used with LED display, to a certain extent, also promoted the application of floor tile of the LED screen. In addition, the virtual technology innovation of AR, also makes the manufacturers began to consider using MicroLED products; Shared economic hot, let the media, the possibility of LED display screen manufacturers share advertising and so on. Of course, wait for the new technology on the LED display requirements are not necessarily what we are after. On the contrary, just as there's not a good display effect, there would be no small spacing of a general indoor screen, LED display screen industry derived abnormity screen, floor tile, transparent screen, super small spacing, touch screen and other new technology products, also make the LED display screen in the field of display vibrant, emerging industries actively select combined with LED display. From this perspective, the LED display can keep pace with The Times, it was thanks to continuous innovation, and try to industry, which is under the technology changes with each passing day, LED display people need to stick to the path.
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