The future of the LED display?

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
Once upon a time, the New York s plaza ginza, Tokyo, Hong Kong central, bright, bright full color LED display advertising aggressively 'moves' the past passers-by, brings infinite thought. Soon, this form of advertising has also been copied to our country. Vibrate the gold project, 'LED electronic display screen and dazzling, make business money,' the LED electronic display 'grand atmosphere, win business units,' LED electronic display 'elegant and showily, let families to send money. Screen is appeared in the 1990 s of the new tablet devices, because of its high brightness, image clarity, colourful, make it appeared in the popular multimedia category standout, thus market space is huge. On the skills, the development of full color LED display to keep up with the international first-class enterprise quality characteristics, now domestic LED display with high quality and top products abroad in picture processing skills, front-end video processing, etc, the different is not big. Display in the many categories of social economy is widely used, whether indoor is outdoor, full color LED display to certain advantages to become the mainstream products. On the use of the detailed function has the following characteristics: 1. High brightness, reasonable perspective; 2. Show color is given priority to with red, green, yellow; 3. Apparent brightness is adjustable on own initiative; All-weather operations, environmental conditions and disorderly; Long-distance control, intelligent detection; 4. Security, real-time, high accuracy, strong sex requirement. With the expansion of the LED display market, now the domestic full colourful market gradually has been divided into three levels: one for the famous enterprise of advanced products; Second gear to choose produce high quality LED products; Three is chosen for the LED display screen. Appeared in China LED screen market started early, LED display the biggest unusually pointed out that lies in the character of brightness, appeared not only able to supply large screen images, can also together as a special field stage lighting equipment. Appeared this is LED screen many in large stage engineering, radio, film and television studios - using one of the important reasons - - - - - - Appeared the use of such environment, other skills are hard to satisfied with fundamental 'apparent brightness demand'. Together, remote visual interval can 'block' LED screen too much distance from the use of LED display market will more and more widely in the future.
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