The indoor LED screen points needing attention for selecting big hotels and supermarkets

by:GKGD     2020-04-16
Currently, more and more LED display entered the room, especially the big hotels and large supermarket more get the favour of advertisers. So large hotel choose what are the requirements of the indoor full color? In indoor environment, the area of more than 5 m2 large full-color electronic display mainly ordinary display, DLP Digital liquid crystal display) And LED display three choices. Display type display pixel is small, the advantages of high resolution, defect is low brightness, small Angle, lens lamp life short ( Only a few thousand hours) 。 Plasma splicing and pixel is small, the advantages of high resolution, the disadvantage is that there are flat-fell seam, the smallest flat-fell seam can be up to 1 mm. Display and plasma display panel is suitable for a closer look. LED display has the advantage of high brightness, no flat-fell seam, the disadvantage is that pixels coarser particles, low resolution. The commercialization of the indoor full color full color LED display screen has the highest density of P4, which is 62500 pixels/m 2. LED display for viewing distance far indoor Spaces. The key consideration of choosing indoor LED display screen problem when choosing indoor LED display screen, mainly from the following several aspects to consider. (1) solid pixels and virtual pixels. Like outdoor full color, indoor full color pixels are divided into two pixels and virtual pixels. (2) pipe core. Like outdoor full color, the recommended indoor full color blue and green tube use silan bright core tube core, red tube adopts the light tube core lei or wide grain. The Japanese and American high-grade products recommended CREE tube core. (3) packaging format. Indoor full color full color LED display screen LED surface form a single lamp three spell a table, the table is stuck, post and so on several and triad table, appearance is not the same. Table stick encapsulation is Angle is large, the advantages of light-emitting uniformity is good, easy to automatic welding processing, is one of the main products are in full color LED screen, but now the price is relatively high; Single light Angle is relatively smaller, slightly high brightness, low prices. The table stick is also one of the single lamp. Single lamp and the table are relatively cheap, is a kind of transitional product. (4) density. Due to large indoor full color LED chip calorific value, control circuit density is higher, so now the commercialization of full color dot density also can't be very high, there are mainly the P5, P6 and P7. 62, P8, P10 wait for a few kinds. 5. Drive way. Indoor full color LED display screen drive mode are constant current drive, a dynamic scanning way ( Mainly has 1/4, 1/8, scanning mode etc. ) 。 In the same tube core, 1/4 scan circuit more, brightness is high.
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