The influence factors of small spacing led display price

by:GKGD     2020-07-03

now small spacing screens are popular with consumers, and the advantage of its characteristic is obvious, so we in use process must be concerned about is the problem of small spacing led display price, let's take a look at what are the influence factors of small spacing led display price?

1, size

although is a small distance between the led display screen, but still divided according to actual condition, the size of the offer must be decided according to the space, size determines the amount of raw materials, to use each kind of the price of the display screen is not the same, at the same time it also lead to different density of the different price range.

2, cost

enterprise in the process of production for small spacing between the influence factors of led display offer cost is crucial, the production cost of different enterprise also to have certain gap, so in addition to the cost of raw materials, the other is the process of production, including the salary, cost, etc.

3, raw material

in the process of production of led display offer small spacing, so the discretion of the price of raw materials for the product has a certain influence factors is the overall quotation, especially its chips, cabinet, power supply, if found no fixed cooperation factory, the price, and high or low will also become the main factors influencing the small spacing led display price.

in the process of selecting the small spacing led display, don't to blind the choose and buy, because the price must be high and low demand must have a itself exists, but the distance between the led display factors influenced by different aspects, should consult relevant professionals for reference, so that can better use the screen to create more profits.

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