The latest trend revelation LED display industry

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
Nowadays, in the first quarter of 2017 is about to end, with the passage of time, the industry's development trends are also gradually clear. The world economy, manufacturing industry and the national policy, industry development, at present, the screen to intensify layout, plan development, the industry presents a boom. In 2017, under the shenzhen full color LED display industry will show what the new development trend, industry changes under the hiding something more worth to explore development opportunities. Attractive capital road listed companies is still the screen period, to the development of an enterprise by the capitalist road is its return. In LED display industry, small and medium-sized enterprise is numerous, choose listed is the embodiment of the enterprise strength and an important channel for financing. In recent years, the new three board listed LED enterprises increased year by year, the data show that in 2016 LED industry for more than a dozen companies listed in succession, and in 2017, there have been several LED enterprise login new three board, even the IPO, shimmering photoelectric achieving electronic, light is the latest example. Next, more LED enterprises appear in the list of listed companies will be inevitable trend. Market segment is blue ocean enterprise product diversification with the development and application of LED display technology in the field of expanding, nearly two years, industry segments increase and expand gradually, showed the enormous business opportunities to be reckoned with, cause many powerful and formidable resources industry leading enterprise layout, more and more LED display enterprises began to dabble in different market segments, driving the development of each big market segment. At present, the creative display LED, outdoor advertising, stage, small spacing leasing market segment the LED display business, large business group into these areas to achieve the enterprise business, and some forward-looking sme segment transformation his way out is to make a double feature. Enterprises help promote normal product standardization to enter in 2017, the companies have released standardized products, has long been LED full-color display industry product the good and bad are intermingled,, poor user experience, a mess cause waste of resources is also very serious, to ensure the LED display application industry healthy and orderly development of enterprise is necessary to promote industry standard products. This year, the industry limited shortage on raw materials lead to mass production, the industry was once get into the shortage of 'tide' of the tension, increasing market demand, customer demand for products production cycle is becoming more and more short, regular suite on the basis of different customer needs, however, cannot do large quantities of inventory, so this year will appear the phenomenon of some large enterprises launched standardized module. Intelligent automation manufacturing gradually replace artificial production LED display industry development is rapid, predicts 2020, the global LED display market scale will reach $30 billion. LED display brand under the huge market, China share is low, the structural overcapacity, the enterprise production and management to optimization problem is outstanding, at present China's labor cost advantages gradually lost, reduce labor costs, to realize intelligent manufacturing is a trend, many large companies began to consider to intelligent instead of artificial production mode. Therefore, the LED display companies face manufacturing efficiency, cost control, improve the new challenges, such as the degree of automation at the same time also brought more new opportunities. High-end equipment manufacturing, smart is the top priority of the state program of the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' strategic emerging industries, in the future as the promotion enterprise's production line automation, intelligent, will become more equipment manufacturing enterprise system integrators, focus on research and development manufacture high-end equipment, from the aspects of intelligent production line, the digital factory provide the overall solution.
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