The LED screen, LED street light, backlighting three big demand market

by:GKGD     2020-06-24
In terms of LED lights, Rio 墣 said LEDDe light conversion efficiency is high, and have less power consumption, small volume, light weight, long life He De advantages of green environmental protection, no mercury, no radiation and using a wide range, local lighting, back light panel, building ( Landscape) Lighting, traffic lighting, animal husbandry equipment light source such as medical He agriculture and fisheries, goggles, so favored by the manufacturer. In China, for example, China this year will expand & other; Ten city wan light & throughout; LED street light plan to shenzhen, tianjin, chongqing, chengdu, mianyang, zhengzhou 21 large and medium-sized cities, such as a plan approved De city, the official policy for product specifications and market rules are clearly defined, LED products become one of the important options. When the global economic recovery is unclear. Choosing, Rio 墣 industry research institute predicted that in 2009 the overall LED industry will be positive growth, it has advantage of energy saving DeLED will dominate one of the core industry De cost in the market. Three of the most explosive De market, that is, LED lights, outdoor displays, and using LED backlighting module De large display market. Prediction of LED lighting in 2010 entered the stage of commercialization; In 2009 China output value will reach 13. 7 billion yuan, annual increase 37%; LED backlight used in laptop ( NB) Field quickly after import instant explosion, expected 2010 large size LED backlight development trend will be clear. LED backlight development potential in the large size NB rapidly import LED backlight technology, business opportunities instantly broke out. Tinto injection points out that for NB products, the LED and CCFL panel spread just under $5, so the LED backlight use is gradually by the high order model product, the infiltration of mid-range model. Although LED NB permeability only 14% in 2008, but Rio tinto 墣 predicted that 2009 will quickly grow to 60%. With each panel and a backlight module factory in the second quarter of this year LED the proportion of NB shipments are above 70%, expected in 2010, LED the NB permeability will be up to 95%. LED outdoor display De demand, is a significant boost for the LED. According to the extension 墣 analysis, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Deled display show refreshing, not only highlights the Chinese for science and technology power De exemplary role and drive the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry. Science and technology commission of Shanghai and the expo group LED lighting project cooperation has been signed, expect the 2010 Shanghai world expo on LEDDe lighting and outdoor large screen, there will be more widely used. Is expected in 2009 China output will reach 13. 7 billion yuan, annual growth of 37%, led to many use the product, the market opportunity is the most clear De project. Tinto 墣 pointed out that the current lighting manufacturers are dedicated to the advancement LED luminous efficiency, and has gradually break through limitations, conventional light source lighting the LED luminous efficiency has reached into general lighting market De. Policy, on the other hand, De De important power drives are also LED lighting development, from 2010 to 2014, will be global incandescent cutoff and disabled policy to carry out the De peak, so governments in order to make the follow-up policy implementation, in 2009 has begun to actively change don't traditional light source. Nothing more, because the LED lighting use popularization is the trend of The Times, the LED manufacturers will start with the most suitable for the LED light source characteristics play De special import market, such as auxiliary lighting, professional lighting, outdoor lighting, building lighting, commercial lighting, etc. , then gradually expand to the general domestic lighting market. Tinto 墣 expected in 2009, the global LED lights market demand potential scale will reach 2. 5 million, annual growth of 178%, among them, China accounted for over 50% of the total demand, about 1. 4 million. By 2010, the LED light source will transcend all traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, formally entered the market commercialization stage. But LED to formally entered the mainstream in the lighting market, the cost or the biggest obstacle, forecast in 2010, LED lighting lamps and lanterns and traditional lamps and lanterns on the cost of light source, there are still ten times the price difference, and mainstream until after 2020, leds may De fluorescent, achieve the same lighting costs. With average use NB panel back light LED a number of about 35 to 40 calculation, NB back light quantity demand for LED, 2009 will reach 37. In 2. 1 billion, compared with 2008 De. 4. 8 billion, the annual growth rate of 474%. For Monitor and LCD TVDe import development, at present is less clear, choosing, Rio 墣 said, is worth continuing close observation. And can determine the De is in 2010, large LED backlight development trend will be clear. In accordance with the Rio tinto 墣 estimate statistics, mobile phone demand of about 1. 4 billion in 2009, mobile phone on the number of the LED panel forecast for 4. 5 billion. Global LED Netbook demand about 27. 25 million units in 2009, with average need 30 Netbook back light LED, LED demand for 800 million. In 2009, the global demand of large size LED NB about 70 million units, NB back light took an average of 45 leds calculation, demand for LED LED NB number is 3 billion. Forecast demand of global LED TV in 2009 to 2. 5 million units, with each LCD TV took an average of 500 LED to calculate, the demand for LEDDe about 1. 2 billion. Keywords: shanxi LED display indoor full color LED display, outdoor full color LED display LED display manufacturers
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