The main reason is that the transparent LED display problems

by:GKGD     2020-07-02

transparent full color LED display can use wind to describe the development of these years, it in many public places are able to see. LED screen after years of development, the somebody else from the attenuation characteristics, waterproof infiltration characteristics of some aspects of the function is improved. But it remains a electronic product, will have problems if maintenance is not good. Here to tell you what are the main reasons of transparent full color LED display problems.

1, what is the main cause of the problems of

here to tell you why transparent full color LED display problems. The first is the parts problems, which mainly includes switching power supply, the plug-in and external parts, if a link problems will make the whole electronic equipment failure, and even shorten its service life. Generally outside parts of life is 8 years, but some circuit board it is only 3 years of life, it is decided to the service life of the whole LED screen only for 3 years. The second is the working environment is different, display screen is usually in outdoor work, accept the baptism of the external environment. Long-term and add some reasons of temperature difference, which can lead to components ageing, and affect the working environment.

3, there is a problem how to carry out repairs

here tell you transparent LED display if there is a problem how to repair it. The first is to determine what is the type of the HUB board, such ability will row line interface definition to maintain consistent. The second is according to different types of cell plate send different Cheng Xun, ensure that each link under the normal procedures to display, then find out why will fail. Finally, according to the fault maintenance accordingly.

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