The overall scale of China's LED display application industry continued ascension

by:GKGD     2020-04-05
The overall scale of China's LED display shows application industry has continued ascension. LED display has experienced four stages of industrial development, the current in the phase of industry adjustment. From the industry overall size, annual market in 2014 when the industry total 30 billion yuan, up 10% from 2013. From the product structure, total sales of 2014 yuan in 18. 1 billion, the display product sales accounted for 82% of all sales LED display lighting and other LED screen display applications product sales accounted for 18% of total sales. Total sales of LED display, outdoor LED display increase year by year, the proportion of display total sales accounted for about 60%, indoor display accounted for 40%. 【 LED display. From the products are exported to display in China occupies a certain advantage. In 2014, the LED display shows application products exports to 3. 6 billion yuan, the total sales accounted for about 20%. Look from the market's overall development, is worth to pay close attention to four aspects: indoor and outdoor small spacing density LED display display products has developed rapidly; Constantly improve and expand creative, advertising and other market; The international market steady development; Emerging display products are leading the market development, the application domain expands unceasingly. Look from the industry's overall development, influenced by national macro economic downturn situation, LED display industry for the growth of the whole into adjustment, lack of money supply and makes many enterprises in the industry and capital market pressure. Material, encapsulation, drive and control technology, layout and impact for production and marketing. Dot spacing, high density products by the integrated circuit technology, drive control, power supply technology and reliability of challenges. LED display industry development to work from four aspects: emphasis on specialization, LED display products industry chain, industry upgrade; Emphasize cooperation, jointly promote the industry; Independent innovation, innovation drive and lead the market; Promote the brand construction and development, with strategic vision. 【 LED display.
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