The practical application of LED electronic display against the droop

by:GKGD     2020-05-04
Large LED digital display, dot matrix display screen light failure phenomenon, is always a difficult problem to use in the process of maintenance, in addition to using air cooling, LED also must use constant current measures. Composed of one or more LED pixel ( Or pixel tube, module) , alternately lit under computer control system, its load is dynamic, using IC constant-current source can't match with it. MAO thermistors is used to solve, do not need to change the original circuit structure, as long as in each pixel ( Pixel tube, module) Before or after the string of a WMZD thermistor, compensation into resistance type 'bulb', is convenient and economic way to solve the led electronic display light failure phenomenon. According to the pixel LED current and series, parallel, only to choose WMZD. Such as pixel tube is composed of 4 ~ 6 LED / 18 ~ 20 ma in series, a WMZD - available A20 thermistor in the loop, when the environment temperature changes in - 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, LED pixel tube current always remain at 18 ~ 20 ma. , effectively prevent the LED light failure, and power consumption is less than 60 milliwatts of A20 thermistor. Such as the LED pixel module is 100 ma, a WMZD - available B100 string into the loop. Such as the module is 200 ma, available after two B100 parallel series circuit, the B100 power consumption is less than 65 milliwatts. All in all, WMZD thermistor in LED screen, the application of anti light sorrow is a LED drive technology innovation, without complex detection means, and began to make a first pixel tube, with a thermometer, ammeter, oven or warm wind, you can practice proves that the effect of it.
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