The quality problem of the 'three' LED display element analysis

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
What are the quality problem of the LED display components? LED display manufacturers are summed up the analysis quality of the following three problems: 1, the electrostatic problem analysis in the process of LED display production and installation, static electricity has a great influence on the quality of the LED display. But, a lot of LED display production and installation enterprise only realize the importance of electrostatic control LED display welding section, other aspects for the recognition of the importance of static control. In the north, the winter cold, dry climate, electrostatic voltage is very high, electrostatic damage LED display circuit, lead to damage of circuit, LED display performance and service life will be affected. Therefore, in the process of LED display production and installation, be sure to pay attention to esd control, avoid damage to the LED display. 2, the welding process control problem analysis in the process of full color LED display welding also can appear a lot of quality problems, mainly reflected in the following points: one is the electrostatic prevention and control management does not reach the designated position, the second is the application of LED display temperature and air humidity control is not reasonable, three is a LED display components welding time control is bad, four is the welding material quality problems, five is welding personnel do not have professional welding technology, professional level is low. Many welding enterprises do not have the professional personnel, personnel of liquidity is bigger, also lead to LED display welding the lack of technical support. LED display in use after a period of time, the brightness of the display will become low, the reasons for this phenomenon is the welding personnel without reasonable control the welding time and temperature, results in a fog, in the LED display will affect the brightness of the display screen. Therefore, to guarantee the quality of LED display, reasonable control the welding problem, welding enterprises must strengthen personnel training, constantly improve the professional level of welding personnel and comprehensive quality. In addition, welding enterprises can be set within the welding personnel incentives, offer certain material rewards for performance excellent employees or spiritual reward, improve welding personnel working passion and enthusiasm. 3, LED display aging problem analysis usually, LED display should be placed before his 72 hours, this belongs to the full color LED display 72 hours ageing time. However, from the actual situation, a lot of LED display manufacturer does not carry on screen aging treatment, which makes it impossible to find quality problems of LED display, also cannot take countermeasures to the quality problem. In fact, the LED display a lot of quality problems need to be in LED display used in the process of discovery, many LED display need to repair for many times, the main reason is the LED display before playing without aging treatment. If does not carry on LED display aging treatment, not only affects the quality of the LED display, also would increase the cost of repair and maintenance of LED display, thus reduce the application of enterprise's economic benefit.
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