The second half of 2019 LED display industry development trend

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
Suddenly, has entered into the second half of 2019, as we all know, every year for many LED display manufacturers, all industries are out of season, and this year is more 'rough day'. Side of the market continuously saturated under the impact of weak demand, and at present there is no rebound of many traditional market; Overdraft in advance, as you can see, in the market under the influence of such factors as the continued weakness in the second half of 2019 LED display market development trend, and what will happen? Continue at the current industry situation. From in the first half of this year the LED display market competition and development, the industry now in two different markets to play: one is, the price war continue to power, under the premise that guarantee the product quality, product prices continue to reduce, at the same time, the price war play from the channel began to spread to the high-end market; Another is that many screen companies within the industry, more and more high-end market in current to resistance, leading screen are more and more strong, subdivide market competition is more intense, the road to the transformation of many vendors are encountered by the wayside. The so-called 'punches, have means to resist', has experienced numerous disturbances to the full color LED display manufacturer, again difficult industrial environment also can stride, continue according to the market the game in the first half of 2019 and means, stabilize in the second half of the year. Industry market expectations and lower the overall industry. Over the past few years, although the transformation of LED display industry is slow, difficult, but the overall situation is positive, and made some progress. Since this year, the external market downturn, the weak consumer demand, to a certain extent, disturb the transformation of the original process and deployment of a lot of manufacturers, but this does not mean to change, but need to vendors for the direction, start again. Market may decline in the second half of the year and dip in the background, the need to cut for the LED display manufacturers learn to market growth expectations, the focus to in order to further strengthen the internal work, enhance its own technical force, innovation, product, and expand brand, marketing and service force, beginner's mind, return to enterprises to truly find market management standard, really pay attention to product and user experience value. Surprise, began a to get the strain relief campaign. In the past two years, for many of the LED display screen, * feeling that the market is becoming more and more fast, more and more complex. COB, MiniLED/small spacing, MicroLED, the new technology trends such as in this case, many manufacturers are also starting to 'changed circumstances', 'to change led' new recipe and new gameplay, focus on the change of market and demand, technology/product innovation first, and win the initiative of the future market. The changes of the current of the LED display market, already more than expected. All this, although bring a series of new challenges, has increased the new business opportunities and space. Because, all innovation began to break the old!
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