The secret of LED display power consumption

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
Compared with other display, LED display is really inefficient? How much is the actual power consumption? LED display as a new type of display technology is a high brightness, is famous for its high energy saving, it is through the internal of small leds to show, so compared with other display products, it is the province electricity, but is only relative, if your screen is a large area, and color, its power consumption is a 300 - square 600W。 Monitor power consumption differences of using different technology. Common display CRT, LCD and LED display. The three displays to the CRT electricity, the largest LCD second, LED the smallest. With common common LED display ( Refers to the backlit LCD LED lighting to the use of the case) General power consumption at about 25 w. If it is single color full color LED display power consumption of every square metre about 150-1 hour 200 w, the display mode is also have a relationship with you. The outdoor LED display ( Full color) The maximum power consumption probably around 800 w/square, that is to say, every moment when the outdoor LED display to achieve maximum power ( Peak) When the power consumption per hour per square will be 0. 8 degrees. ChanHong supreme power of 25 w, every board 16 boards is a square, power consumption is in 150 - 200 W。 power consumption calculation: general press points to calculate maximum power consumption. Led lamp with 5 v voltage, 20 ma current, so the power of a group of lamp is 3 * 5 * 0. 02 = 0. 3 w; P10 full-color, 10000 points per square, so 0. 3 * 10000 = 3000 w, then divided by the number of scanning way, P10 is typically 1/4300 0/4 = 750 w, the average power consumption is generally half of the maximum power consumption, so about 375 w, converted into electricity, calculate by 10 hours a day, 10 * 375 w = 3. 75千瓦/ h = 3。 75 degrees, industrial power generally 1 yuan/degrees, so the power consumption per square 3. 75 yuan.
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