The stage LED display selection techniques how much you know

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
Stage LED display selection techniques you know how much a classification, stage LED display: 1. The main screen the home screen is the most in the stage 1 epicenter of LED display, the shape is a square or rectangle. Main show live on stage and show the picture, so the home screen pixels high and display requirements, specifications mainly choose P3, P4, P5. 2. Vice screen LED display on either side of the screen is located in the home screen. Is there primarily to foil for the home screen, so it shows that the content of the comparison of the abstract. Requirements for pixel and display effect is not high, often use mpe glorious grid LED display, size specification mainly choose P7. 62, P8, P10, etc. 3. Expand the screen used to compare big occasions, such as large concert, singing and dancing party. Because the space is larger, there are many places can't clearly see the performances on the stage effect, so in the sides of the venue set up one or two of the big screen. Its contents are generally not live on the scene of the stage, the size of commonly used is similar to the home screen, size selection mainly P4, P5, P6. 4. Floor tile floor tile screen screen screen a branch as a stage, at the foot of the stage is more cool, foil atmosphere more intense. Second, the stage LED display selection techniques: 1. If it is a performance stage, stage of interim meetings, wedding indoor shooting out wedding stage and other places, generally require the light is downy, viewing distance is relatively close, about scope of 5 meters or so, at this time to consider, shooting out of the display effect, display precision mobile installation is convenient wait for a problem. 2. If the display area is small, it is recommended that the selection of the specifications of the high density, large area can choose the specifications of the low density. Large area can choose a larger screen, mpe light color screen body area suggest using P2 within 5 square meters. 6 models; Choose P3 screen area in more than 10 square meters. 9. Screen covers an area of 20 square above optional P5. 95.
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