The surface treatment of the kind of LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
Plug lamp module refers to the light will light foot DIP package through the PCB board, through tin welding will fill up the lamp hole, made of the process module is plugged into the lamp module; Big advantage is Angle, high brightness, good heat dissipation; The disadvantage is that small pixel density. Table post also called SMT module table, put the light of SMT assembly by welding technology welding on the surface of PCB, it's not through the PCB board, light foot made from this process module called table stick module; Advantages are: perspective, downy, a display image pixel density is big, suitable for indoor. The table's module between DIP and SMT one kind of product, the surface of the LED lamp encapsulation and SMT, but its positive and negative pins with a DIP, production through the PCB for welding, its advantage is: high brightness, display effect is good, the disadvantage is that: the process is complex, maintenance difficulties. Triad table stick refers to the R, G, B three different colors of led chips encapsulation within the same gel; Advantages are: simple production, display effect is good, the disadvantage is that: the spectral color separation difficult, high cost. Three and one table stick refers to the R, G, B three independent encapsulation SMT lamp vertical tied together according to certain spacing, such not only has advantages of all the various triad, also can solve the triad's all kinds of faults. ( full color LED display]
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