The typhoon electric LED electronic screen outdoor 'safe haven'?

by:GKGD     2020-05-07
Before shanzhu favorable after march, every disaster, thereby causing loss to the state and the individual, when typhoon warning piled sandbags, grain reserve is the necessity of prevention, we might wonder so big of the typhoon may be crumbling ruins, the outdoor led electronic display screen is how to survive. As a manufacturer of led electronic display, friends would like to for your curiosity 'explanation'. 1, alert the typhoon trend, watched on by media reports, weather forecasts and other media information to understand the latest developments of typhoon, withdraw the staff need to go out assignments in advance; 2, the information when buying good factory, outdoor led electronic display screen have a lightning protection lightning protection devices, the arrival of the typhoon, rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning usually, outdoor led electronic display screen is the enemy of thunder and lightning, if display by lightning, will cause harm to the screen, so the outdoor led electronic display installation must be equipped with lightning rod, lightning protection lightning protection equipment; 3, in addition to the lightning rod, lightning protection equipment, earthing device also is very important, can let manufacturer in distribution box installed power lightning protection and grounding, in order to ensure the safety of the outdoor led electronic display; 4, installation supervision and engineering unit must strictly according to the level of resistance to the typhoon standards for display of bearing steel structure for installation, and let it have a certain seismic ability; In a known environment ( The rain, blizzard, etc. ) And outdoor led electronic display itself has very high waterproof ability, use in the outdoor environment, outdoor led electronic display screen to achieve IP65 rating, module with glue packaging, choose waterproof casing, with a waterproof aprons connect module and the box body, the outdoor waterproof and complete functions such as developing increasingly, installation more diversified ( Such as: column, Mosaic, stick a wall, hanging, etc. ) Customers friends though trust worry that is damaged, damaged after the first time contact factory, communication is how to deal with the best solution.
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