The upstream industry in domestic LED lighting industry under pressure

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
Starting in July, the global LED industry demands for electronic components shortage on material, production capacity in the hard, lead to delivery delay, many international companies have wild extended to more than 20 weeks instead of 5 weeks. Which in the end, just a development of the domestic LED lighting industry. It is understood that the current domestic LED lighting enterprise quantity, which has more than 3000, but are small scale, such as LED chip, the epitaxial wafer industry chain upstream components must be Toyota from Japan, Japan, the United States Cree vendors such as purchasing, international companies of delay in delivery time limit for a project that LED lighting enterprises also have to delay. It is understood that the current domestic 3000 LED lighting companies and traditional lighting industry tens of thousands of companies competing for the market, no one share above 1%. Feng jun said that except for LED technology can not meet the lighting market demand, at present LED is indisputable fact that the high cost, high cost is LED into the biggest obstacle to home lighting market. LED lamps and lanterns cost 60% focused on a chip, chip in our country and basic on the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea and other countries import, the LED lamps and lanterns of high prices. Any changes greatly and upstream to hamper the development of the downstream. 'There is no government subsidies, estimates that most people don't use leds. 'East sea rich investment management co. , LTD. , a partner MeiJian has been paying attention to the development of LED lighting industry. According to what he said, at present the LED lighting industry development is still not perfect, the sham as the genuine, the product is not strictly control standard. In may this year, the state issued a national standard, but the standard of color rendering index, most domestic enterprises are short of. Moreover, this standard is not compulsory standards, the enterprise production of light even does not conform to the standards, sales are not illegal. Domestic leading enterprise leishi lighting lighting, chairman of the chang-jiang wu had publicly, the proportion of LED products occupy leishi is small, only when the time is right, can only through the capital operation, strong enterprise integration LED research and development strength. This also means that leishi hope in more when the size of the LED lighting market, mainly through acquisitions and mergers. Unlike traditional lighting industry cautious investment, many peripheral enterprises are bullish on the market, LED lighting market in succession, engaged in plastic, hardware, digital products and so on has nothing to do with the lighting industry practitioners flocked. Earlier this year, the United States announced a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the LED lighting market. Many enterprises are optimistic about the government last year 'ten city wan light' policy, under the condition of not familiar with the industry status quo, on the LED project in a hurry. MeiJian, said the government's subsidies mainly in LED street lamp lighting, building lighting is less. Even street lighting, due to technical limitations and the shortage of the local government attaches great importance to the reasons that LED to the current LED lights market 90% of all enterprises showed a trend of loss and some companies even to seek to develop special lighting area. full color LED display production line just around the corner.
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