Transparent LED display can joining together? Other functions do you have any guarantee?

by:GKGD     2020-07-03

although as a new product of the industry, but transparent LED display is updated after a period of time, as long as it is of the same type product, carries on the screen splicing natural there is no problem, as for other aspects of the function, consumers focus on color, heat, noise is the matter, so you need to analyze them one by one.

1: high color consistency

about the color of transparent full color LED display, can agree color to judge, the colour of the product consistent degree is high, usually won't appear off color phenomenon, in addition to this, because this product will most use SMD lamp beads, makes the screen brightness also tend to be consistent, which makes the overall color is not affected, the display effect is good.

2: heat loss in accordance with the material to determine

most types of transparent LED display in colour respect there is no problem, but is larger in the aspect of heat dissipation function is different, because the production of the product itself materials vary, such as iron type screen, the degree of heat dissipation is very poor, often overheating and black screen problem, as for aluminum products have a great progress in terms of heat dissipation.

3: fanless design reduce noise

if you use a transparent LED display, iron products due to poor heat dissipation function, usually in product module design fan, is bound to form more noise, but aluminum products, especially the die-casting aluminum types of products, can adopt fanless design, makes noise is further reduced, tend to mute state.

as long as the right material of transparent LED display of choose and buy, consumer no need to worry too much, in terms of the basic function and the selection of this kind of product have many custom services, can also try to get most consumers satisfied appearance.

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