Viewsonic projector & professional domestic tour perfect curtain call

by:GKGD     2020-05-08
To meet for 3 d projectors and professional domestic demand of the market, gradually upgrade the global leading brand ViewSonic (video technology from the United States Viewsonic) IT special hand in hand with the domestic well-known IT distributors Beijing innovation technology co. , LTD. , since March 24, started the national recommend or lasted 80 days tour '. The tour starting from Beijing station, via shenyang, jinan, Shanghai, wuhan, guangzhou, chengdu and other central cities, and finally arrived in zhengzhou, in north China, northeast, east China, south China, central China and southwest regions, such as cover nearly half of China's influence. Showcase not only attracted a total of more than thousand recommend or city and surrounding areas distribution partners and participation in the enthusiasm of many consumers, as well as more than 200 new joining dealers to enter the ViewSonic sales network to further strengthen and perfect the national platform for the channel. In just 80 days, from all over the country more than more than thousand of agents and dealers to experience not only the United States ViewSonic 3 d projectors and domestic products of various professional display solutions. First-class technical strength for the global leading brand ViewSonic video technology to the agents and distributors have left a deep impression. Of zhengzhou city, henan province, a senior dealer's words, perhaps can represent many new signing into ViewSonic national sales network of dealers to true feelings. 'I know the ViewSonic this brand, but for their little is known about the projector products. But when I at the scene to experience their 3 d projector, and witnessed the display effect is outstanding, splicing forms of professional products, I am very amazed by their professional qualities. Learned that they took the lead in the projector is on the application of 3 d projection function, and products are sold all over the world successfully, I think this is a very potential projector brand, and is interested in long-term cooperation with them. 'As the strategic partner of ViewSonic, it shoulder the task to exploit the channels, layout, market innovation. Recommend meeting around the face thousands of agents and dealers, it shows innovation science and technology department of projector product sales director Yao Hong said it would continue to loose channel policy, and continue to give agents and distributors have the support and assistance. Agents and distributors around the morale of the representative have been greatly inspired, not only for the last 80 days of the recommend or tour very satisfied, but also for the future cooperation with ViewSonic with confidence, and look forward to jointly create the vision of the future domestic pioneer brand. It shows that science and technology innovation department manager Mr He liang said, ViewSonic has from 20 to 82 inches full range of professional domestic products, at the same time also can provide all kinds of form rich, the effect of different stitching, L, models or rotating tower type to meet the demand of different occasions, different personalization, and has been widely used in the expo and other key projects. In addition, in order to further enhance interactive experience, more professional support touch screen will also gradually into the electronic teaching in the future, the public information query and more applications in the field. ViewSonic national industry sales director, says Mr Yao gang future ViewSonic will enrich product categories and product features of the projector, relying on more rich content of science and technology function fully meet education, business, conference, household and large public places such as the needs of different areas. Such as the special application pattern in view of the education industry, can improve the teaching quality and teaching quality of interactive projection function will be widely used in the models of the future; And to meet the requirements of increasingly frequent business presentation, the latest projector will also increase wireless projection, network projection and other features, and support easily through the network to complete a variety of control operation. For home users is given priority to with entertainment, ViewSonic will also launch supports full hd resolution, 3 d projection and the household projection products have more unique design. As a successful implementation of 3 c fusion international famous brand, is also a professional video technology leader in the field of display, ViewSonic will continue to consolidate the position in the industry, not only will also unceasingly thoroughly to product development, brand building and channel cooperation, continue to bring customers the best products and experiences.
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