What are the cause of the LED display is not bright

by:GKGD     2020-06-25

with the LED display technology matures, the development of the LED display is increased year by year. LED display market diversification, different screen, light screen, transparent screen, small spacing came up with the application of new products is not a technological innovation. But we often appear in the process of using full color LED display is not bright, what should be what factors, below is for everybody introduction by photoelectric technology personnel

1. Whether the program editor sent by the empty.

2。 LED screen is normal to electricity.

3, computer monitor whether protection, are pure blue or black or screen display field.

4, synchronous screen test sending card and receiving cartoon - green with or without blinking.

5, test the communication line is switched on, with or without wrong.

6。 Distribution of the HUB board and LED display whether pick up the attachment.

that is photoelectric technology personnel to summarize the cause of the LED display is not bright, mainly has more than six, from the most simple, the most common sentences. finally. an screening. If still cannot solve the problem, you can directly to the display supplier or contact after-sales service to solve the problem.

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