What are the doorways of led electronic display quotation?

by:GKGD     2020-07-05
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Led diode, its application is very extensive, in addition to the application in daily TV sets, computers, mobile phones, you can also do outdoor electronic screen, according to the function can be divided into three kinds: single color electronic display screen, the production cost is low so the price is more favorable; Double color screen price is higher than single color; Full color to the highest technical requirements, the price is the highest.

1, led electronic display price per square metre how many yuan

led electronic display screen and segment can be divided into indoor or outdoor, monochrome indoor display per square meter in about one thousand five hundred or so, if it is outdoor display screen is likely to be two thousand yuan, the price will be higher if the screen has a word, because this need manufacturers custom-made, in addition to the cost and artificial cost.

2, led electronic display quotation what doorways

the be clear at a glance to find in the market of led electronic display quotation price list, is a difficult thing, although the price of the led diode is more transparent, but the assembly cost, screen costs each manufacturer are not the same, although the single color and double color is very good, but the average customer is difficult to distinguish the difference between indoor and outdoor led led, outdoor led display because sunlight is more intense, so the display of a single element reflection must be fast, otherwise it may lead to can't see.

3, led electronic display quotation which is the most expensive

full color by led electronic display offer supreme, full color determines the color of the led is very strict, must be able to out all sorts of color, animation design to display led technology, not only have to add manual programming to display, this is the led display a trend of 'intelligent', so consumers before buying led display, must tell the manufacturer specific requirements, can not spend money.

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