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What does the difference between outdoor display and indoor display?

What does the difference between outdoor display and indoor display?


LED display is widely accepted, but many classifications are not easy to distinguish. To facilitate the selection of more suitable products, it is necessary for us to understand the classification of LED displays. For example, what do we often hear about outdoor displays and indoor displays? What is the difference between them?

LED display screens are usually divided into outdoor display screens, indoor display screens, and semi-outdoor display screens according to the usage environment.

Outdoor display refers to a display installed outdoors, such as a large outdoor advertising LED screen Wall, a school LED display, etc. Indoor display refers to the display installed indoors, such as shopping mall LED display, exhibition hall LED display, etc. The semi-outdoor LED display is usually installed in the corridor, under the billboard and other outdoor environments.

Generally, the outdoor screen has a large screen and a relatively long viewing distance, so the viewing distance is usually more than 10 meters. Because the brightness of the outdoor environment is relatively high, the outdoor display requires a relatively high display brightness to display a clear picture. This is why only the LED display is the only dynamic display medium in the current outdoor environment. For example, the display media devices such as LCD TVs, when placed in outdoor environments, may appear to be completely indistinct. GKGD's outdoor display products have a brightness of more than 7000CD/square meter, so they can show beautiful pictures even under direct sunlight.

In addition, outdoor LED display screens have various protection capabilities such as dustproof, waterproof, lightningproof, anti-humidity, anti-oxidation, anti-lightning, etc. due to environmental requirements. It needs to be able to resist the complex outdoor environmental factors to ensure the long-term effective and stable operation of the LED screen. GKGD will produce LED display screens with various protection capabilities according to environmental factors.

Generally, the indoor display screen has a shorter viewing distance, so the density is higher. The indoor display uses SMT surface mount technology, so the color reproduction and consistency are better. GKGD is the only company in the world that owns the entire industrial chain of led modules, so the quality of products is guaranteed and controlled from the source. Therefore, the GKGD indoor full-color LED display not only has a delicate picture, high picture color reproducibility and good consistency, but also has a long life span, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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