What kind of led electronic screen is the most reasonable price?

by:GKGD     2020-04-19
We in the choose and buy goods, the price of the item to see the more important. So, led electronic screen of choose and buy, what kind of the most reasonable price, more appropriate. We now look at market prices, led electronic screen led electronic screen prices generally look is how much money a square meters. Are on the market price in 3000 ~ 6000 a flat, we can see LED electronic screen gives a larger price range in the market. So, led electronic screen of choose and buy, what kind of the most reasonable price, more appropriate. Led electronic screen price is closely related to the led screen basic configuration, include led lamp bead, chips, casing material, etc. , and even related to processing into or table stick also. General compared with sheet metal enclosure, die-casting aluminum LED cabinet more durable, but the price is higher accordingly. When LED electronic big screen of choose and buy, buy price in 3000 ~ 5000 is most appropriate. Below contact shenzhen full color LED display manufacturer gives large LED electronic screen price calculation formula: large LED electronic screen prices = screen * screen area cost + + control system frame + transport costs for the installation, the cost of the cost of the power distribution system including the power cord cable + steel frame and the cost of civil engineering + taxes
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