What methods of led large screen screen protection?

by:GKGD     2020-06-25
, led large screen protection embodied in the following aspects: 1, led large screen system screen ornament by corrosion resistant function very good flame retardancy in vitro data quality aluminous model board manufacturing, flat-fell seam between plate tightly fill the excellent weather resistance adhesive. 2 pixels, large led screen system and module with insulating rubber ring pressure between seal to prevent moisture penetration. 3, dotted with module between seam filling foam rods and populate the excellent weather resistance rubber, can prevent moisture to enter. Second, the protection of led large screen way: 1, 30000 hours after use, screen brightness attenuation of about 15% ( The factory brightness) The highest brightness, the physical strength of the screen at the moment arrived about 1500 CD/m2; At this point, artificial Settings screen any homework highest brightness is 90 - A 100% rise and fall. 2, led electronic screen factory, set the screen brightness as more than 2500 CD/m2, after the device debugging, artificial Settings appeared full-color screen to screen the highest brightness to 70% of the factory, about 1800 CD/m2. 3, smoke screen body internal device, temperature sense of exploration project, connect to PLC control system within the monitor screen. When the internal temperature of the screen for a long time running up larger or due to weather reason humidity is bigger, the system can open electric fans and air conditioning full color LED display; Indoor full color full color LED display; LED prices; LED electronic screen
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