Who decides the indoor LED display price LED display manufacturers an exclusive sneak peek

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
In recent years, with significant activities, indoor LED display applications on the rise. LED industry growing, products include LED display and lighting, and other products have been applied to the road at night, hotel, KTV, road traffic signals, outdoor media propaganda and so on. Seeping through the application of LED, and driving the development of the acceleration of the LED industry, LED technology, especially mature today though, the price is lower than a few years ago a lot, but for many businesses are still expensive. So, what are the factors affect the price of indoor LED display? Now with the increasing of LED display manufacturers, indoor LED display has been fierce competition in the industry, indoor LED display also dozen have a price war, but as the saying goes, 'cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap' actually said is very right. Today with the development of technology, indoor LED display from upstream to downstream materials do have fallen, but it didn't reduce much. So many factories, price levels not neat, what exactly is what reason, let us to analyze. Actually affect indoor LED display price are the major factors of four categories. One, the influence of raw materials on the indoor LED display price from kinds of points on raw materials, can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. The source of the light emitting chip, imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, such as day, Cree, wafer, now have some domestic chip such as three, HuaCan, silan, etc. Each light emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The United States and Japan chip, because its always holds the core technology, under the background of similar to monopoly, the United States and Japan chip prices, but quality is the best. Taiwan and the mainland chip price is relatively cheap, but its performance compared to the United States and Japan chips, there are still a certain gap. If indoor LED display is used on important occasions, or it is recommended to use imported materials is better; In addition to the LED chip, and the main factors influencing the indoor LED display price is LED driver IC, driver IC is also affect indoor LED display quality and life of the very important factors, make full color indoor LED display must be used when constant voltage constant current driver IC; In addition to other materials such as power supply of display, glue, and the production of various accessories, such as price determines the quality of good or bad, but also by the quality of a certain extent, affect the normal use of the display screen. Second, the influence of specifications for indoor LED display prices here said only regular products, from color on outdoor indoor LED display can be divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color, from the use of the environment can be divided into indoor and outdoor half outdoor, each kind of specification of LED electronic display price is not the same, indoor full-color and table post triad full-color, full-color, table lattice full-color, outdoor full-color divided into 1 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as: PH8, PH110) 2 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc. ) 。 The different specifications, production research and development process are also different, use different raw materials, so the price is not different, so single and double color indoor LED display is the cheapest. Three, the main supporting system's influence on the indoor LED display price display system accessories: sending card and receiving card, transfer card; Broadcast system: the control of computer, multimedia CARDS or graphics, player software; Protection system, cooling system, power distribution system, lightning protection system; Edited by indoor LED display system: edit computer, video compression CARDS, editing software; Sound system, amplifier + amp; Screen video input devices, DVD/VCD, video recorder, closed-circuit television (CCTV); Indoor LED display graphic input: scanners, digital cameras. In addition to the above accessories and equipment system accessories and broadcast system, other are all optional equipment. Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software; Although these factors is not the most important factors of indoor LED display, but also cannot ignore. As a sending card and receiving bad card, can cause indoor LED display can't receive signals, so we're going to attention. Four, construction factors on the influence of the indoor LED display price indoor LED display by the installation place, installation method, screen size, frame structure, material selection, the influence of such factors as installation project price will certainly have bigger difference, especially when installing outdoor full-color LED display screen, in the cold season, affected by the construction environment, the engineering price vary widely. Display is above the price of the four main factors, these main factors, in the future to buy screen process, consider to the service life of the late LED electronic display has the problem, can understand why so many manufacturers, the price will be high and low.
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