Why the LED anti-static measures related to LED display life?

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
All of friends, good evening. Welcome, I'm glad you attendance, to share knowledge LED display. Today all discussed is why the LED anti-static measures? The life of full color LED display? Please listen to the following decomposition: the production of light-emitting diodes (leds) in blue, green, turquoise, diode, GaN sapphire substrate, using MOCVD technology chips. This chip is characterized by: good brightness, the technology is relatively mature, relatively few patent conflict. So, most of the chip manufacturer in the world ( Including Taiwan, South Korea, Japan most vendors) Using this technology to produce the blue and green chips ( Except the United States CREE, using SiC substrate) 。 The shortcoming of the chip is antistatic ability is bad, if is impacted by the electrostatic, can produce Vf ( Positive pressure drop) Rise, brightness to reduce to death light phenomenon, therefore, how to prevent static electricity, is blue and green light-emitting diodes (oleds) of the main problems in the production and use. Electrostatic wounded: chip by electrostatic injures, will form a black spots on the surface, this black spot will not shine again, so, to varying degrees of chip was wounded, its performance is also different. Slight injures, may look not to come out on the surface, but a small amount of lower brightness, brightness will decay, IR values ( Reverse current) Rise; Moderate wounded chip, the pipe pressure drop will be increased significantly, May increase to 4. 0V~5. More than 5 v) Significantly lower, brightness ( The original below normal brightness of 50%) Rise, IR, seriously affect life, in use process will gradually lose function, finally can also cause death lamp. So, the blue and green light-emitting diodes (leds) in the process of production and use, must be anti-static measures, and regularly check grounding resistance, such, can greatly avoid death light phenomenon. Blue and green light-emitting tube antistatic ability level at present: antistatic ability will only be about 50 v, 500 v reverse electrostatic would die immediately led to light. Positive electrostatic in more than 1500 v will immediately lead to a serious injury, and winter in the north, and static electricity is around 1000 v - of the body 1500 v or so, so, the human body direct contact with the diode is a major cause of lead to diode damage. In any production, the process of using diode, shall be strictly forbidden to human body in the absence of anti-static measures to direct contact with the diode. Adopt quality goods diode chip, diode production under the condition of strict production ( Clean, all process antistatic) Production of diodes, production standards ( The IR leakage standard) Strict control in 5 v, 10 mu A standard, industry standard 5 v, 50 mu A in the whole process of production, testing, packaging, all automated, completely avoid the effect of artificial factor, to ensure product quality. Is seeing is believing, welcome you to listen to al sen photoelectric lectures, benefited a lot. Above if you have any questions, please contact our customer service immediately, will serve for you in the first place. Looking forward to your attention now time, sen photoelectric.
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